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Monday, May 26, 2008

New Virus Attack : (MS Word Icon) SVCHOST SPOOLSV

Discovered a new virus that resides in c:\Recycled
  • CTFMON.exe
  • SMSS.exe
  • SPOOLSV.exe
  • SVCHOST.exe
The icon of these files are EXCTLY like Microsoft Windows MS Word type


Virus File Name:
ssvichosst.exe (having a folder icon)
(a file inside a folder having the same name as the folder, having folder icon)
You are unable to open TaskManager, Regedit, CMD, Msconfig, etc.
Some windows open for fractions of seconds and suddenly gets closed. Like TaskManager, Regedit, etc.
No command works in ’command’ window, except ‘exit’.
The Tools>FolderOptions is gone in the Windows Explorer.
You cannot see your hidden files.
Your system has become too slow. As the virus process takes up almost half of the resources.

Funny UST Scandal.avi.exe Virus


Name :Funny UST Scandal.avi.exe
Name :SMSS.exe
Icon :Video file (GOM Player)
Type of File :Application
Size :224KB/240KB
Modified :November 20, 2007
Attibutes :Hidden, System (varies)
File Version :
Description :
Copyright :
CompiledScript :AutoIt v3 Script : 3, 2, 8, 1