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Sunday, June 24, 2012


We often save our very important files such as documents like working or study documents, photos and many more in our personal computer or laptop. And sometimes, we also do not want the others knows about that. Because that's very privacy for us. We will be very affraid if someone duplicate or even delete that files or documents. But, we can't limit our computer or laptop from another and we can't keep watch it everytime. So, the solution is we must combine all of our files and documents in one folder then we can protect that folder. Yes, we must lock a folder and we must have a password for a folder. Nobodies can open or access it without our permission. That is the best way for solving that problems. To protect our folders, we can use some folder protection software. In this blog, we will try to use a MyLockbox software.

First, we must download MyLockbox software from its website by typing the web address in our browser. The address is After we downloaded it, double click it and click Next button in Welcome Wizard window that appear after double click.

Second, in License Agreement window, ensure that option I accept the agreement was marked before pressing Next button. If the option was marked, click on Next button to continue the installation.

Third, after License Agreement then we will see a Select Destionation Location window. In this window we can set for installation folder for this program. As default is C:\Program Files\My Lockbox folder. But, we can change it by ourselves. Press Browse button to change the destination of installation folder. Then, don't forget for pressing Next button to continue the installation.

Fourth, there will appear a Select Start Menu Folder window. As default, My Lockbox will appear in My Lockbox folder in start menu. But, we can change it. We can define the folder for My Lockbox which will appear in start menu by pressing Browse button and specify the folder we will use. Moreover, we can make My Lockbox disappear from start menu by checking the option Don't create a Start Menu folder. To continue installation, press Next button.

Fifth, we will see a Ready to Install window which contain an information about installation setting. Press Install button to continue and wait for a minutes until finishing installation.

Sixth, after installation there will appear Shell Integration window. We can give a mark in checkbox Add "Protect with My Lockbox" to Windows Explorer context menu. By choosing it, there will be option we can choose it when we right-click in a folder. Press Next button to continue.

Seventh, then continuing by pressing Next button in Completing the My Lockbox Setup Wizard window, then click Finish button to finish the installation.


Eighth, after finishing the installation, we can try My Lockbox program. Open My Lockbox program in computer and fill the password in My Lockbox window. Fill the password in Password and Confirm Password area. And in Hint (password reminder) area, we can make a hint if we lose our password. Press OK button to continue. There will appear a Password window which inform us that the password was changed successfully. Then we will enter to My Lockbox area.

And the last, we can try to protect a folder by pressing Set button and choose the folder which we will protect it. The chosen folder will appear in Folder you want to protect area. Then press Lock button to protect the folder or Advanced button to see another option for protecting process. We can put a password on folder to protect it.

Now, we can enjoy our computer or laptop without fear of another access our documents without our permission. Because, we have protected our privacy folder. Have a nice try.


how to protect a folder with password said...

hi, I have made the folder private, but there is no password window appeared. what happened?

Allin Once said...

Great tips and great tool for locking folder.