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Friday, June 22, 2012


Oracle VM VirtualBox for Windows is a virtualization software that can be used to execute additional operating systems in the main operating system. For example, if a person has MS Windows operating system installed on his computer, then one can also run other operating systems is desirable in the MS Windows operating system.
This function is very important if one wants to test and simulation of a system without losing the existing system. Applications with similar functionality other VirtualBox is VMWare and Microsoft Virtual PC. VirtualBox was first developed by German company (Innotek GmbH). And in February 2008, Innotek GmbH was acquired by Sun Microsystems.
Before starting the installation of VirtualBox VM, we
have to download virtualbox first. The VirtualBox can be downloaded http://www/ and adjust the operating system we use today. VM VirtualBox is also available in virtualbox for Ubuntu and virtualbox for Linux. The latest version now is version 4.1.8. The installation steps are as follows:

Double click on the file we've downloaded VirtualBox, until the installation process dialog box.
This will bring up a dialog box Welcome to the Oracle VM VirtualBox Setup Wizard. Then click the Next button. 

Next will come the Custom Setup dialog box. Here we can determine which option we will install. For let us default without any change. Then click Next.

Then a new dialog box appears. Here we can determine whether it will be a shortcut on the desktop or quick launch. We can choose one of them or both. Then click the Next button.

Next comes a dialog box Warning: Network Interfaces. Click the Yes button to continue the installation process.

This will bring up a dialog box Ready to Install. In this position, the VirtualBox is ready to be installed on our computers. Click the Install button to continue the installation process. Dialog box will appear showing the installation process bar.
And finally, will display a dialog box Oracle VM VirtualBox installation is complete. This suggests that the process of installing VirtualBox on our computers is complete and ready for use. Please click the Finish button to finish.

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